Animated Explainer Video

Netwrix - Security Software Platform Explainer

Explainer Video
Irvine, CA

Our client is the leading data security vendor headquartered out of Irvine, CA. The company has over 400 employees around the world.

The client was looking for a comprehensive use-case based explainer video that would tell a compelling story about the value that our client's security solutions are delivering to the end clients.

Project Summary

The production of this explainer from start to finish took 4 weeks. The biggest challenge for us was to figure out the best way to keep the viewers engaged for over 5 minutes. That's why in this video we've focused on telling a compelling story where IT professionals are solving real-life data security use cases with our client's solutions.

We've partnered with the marketing team on the client side and created the main story line. We also produced all of the custom graphics and animations was produced taking into the account the client corporate branding standards.

Both our client and our team are happy with the end result. We're currently working on more videos for this client as they've recently added video campaigns to their marketing mix.